Workshops for Kids and Youth

Activities for schools, holiday camps & day cares

All of our workshops are available in both languages French or English.

They can also be customized for your class needs, please reach out if you have any questions: 

Interactive Storytelling show (Online / In person)

Children get to actively participate in the story.

They act the characters out,  accessories are used to spice up the stories while having more fun together. 

Some stories:

Level:  K to  3 

Duration: 1h per session

Number of sessions: You can order as many as you want

Public Speaking - The Art of Storytelling

How to captivate an audience while storytelling or doing a project presentation in front of classmates?

This program matches the requirement in the VSB curriculum.

In this session, we explain all the tips and tricks to help students be more confident in public speaking,  tone, level and speed of the voice, body postures, and pauses...

Level: 5+ 

Duration: 1h

Number of sessions: 2

Session 1 - Presentation and play with the techniques

Session 2 - Participants present a short story to practice

Improvisation Against
Racism or Harassment

To raise awareness about some very important values that could change our world. By educating the youngest we make sure that our future is full of hope.

This workshop is based on the "Theater of the Oppressed", a unique form where the participant can play either role (victim, witness, or oppressor) to allow them to find their voice and speak up if those situations ever happen in real life.

Level: 3

Duration: 1h per session

Number of sessions: 2

Session 1 - Vocabulary and preparing for role-playing

Session 2 - Role playing and improvisation

Practice French through Improv

For youth and Kids who need to gain more confidence in speaking French and be able to think quickly.

We use fun Improv games to boost creativity, confidence and practice French in a very safe and fun environment.

It's a great way to improve French speaking skills by being spontaneous and less scared of making mistakes!

This workshop can be in collaboration with the teacher to focus on what they've already studied in the program.

Level: 3+ 

Duration: 1h
Duration: 1h per session
Number of sessions: You can order as many as you want

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Schools & Camps who love our workshops :

- Ecole Anne Hébert

- Le Petit Jardin

- SDG Les copains

- Camp d'été de Burnaby

- Le Centre des Canadiens Français de Prince Georges

- Ecole Jules Vernes

- Alliance Francophone de Victoria

- Société Francophone de Victoria

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