Improv to Improve...

-Your French or English speaking skills as a language learner
- Your team cohesion as a business with culturally diverse teams

Team building for Businesses

Griottes Polyglottes - Languages Acting Improv - Students listening to storyteller

Kids & Youth in School

Griottes Polyglottes - Languages Acting Improv - Adults posing after a session

English for Adults

French for Adults

Why are we different?

Our method is very unique and focused on what you need to be able to use the language very quickly and feeling safe using it.

Acting is an amazing way to gain confidence in any situation. Improv it's great for you to overcome fear of making mistakes. Therefore we based all of our sessions on fun acting and easy improv games and usage in context.

You will learn, and play with the language and will be able to use it freely in your day to day life.

We go by :

1 - What you need over All you don't need: We focus on what you need to be able to speak the language right away. Not all those grammar rules or tenses you will never use.

2- QUALITY over QUANTITY: More time to speak, very small groups, max 8 people.

3-CUSTOMIZED over ALL IN ONE:  Each session are fully customized to your needs, and we can adjust upon request.

4-FUN over BORING: ou will improve your confidence through fun and easy acting  and improv games.

5- REAL LIFE SITUATIONS over BOOKS No more books, come as you are  and be part  of a community!

7- Groups over One-on-One Although we think One-on-One sessions are great to dig on a very specific needs, we valued group programs which is more efficient to build confidence.

What do people say about us?