Improv for Businesses

Building successful teams with the power of improv

Say goodbye to disconnected teams and hello to a flourishing culturally diverse unit! 

Whether you want to boost your team's productivity and performance, reduce silos and conflicts, or foster a positive company culture that celebrates diversity, equity, and inclusion, then look no further than Griottes Polyglottes - your corporate improv experts! 

We use a unique and proven approach to team-building that is explicitly designed for multicultural businesses. Our workshops and programs go beyond the usual icebreakers and trust exercises -  We ensure that every team member feels heard, accepted, and valued, thus growing and succeeding together!

Choose your experience and let Griottes Polyglottes show you what a unified team can accomplish together!

Do you want to double your social impact?

No one should left behind due to lack of funding.

5% of what we received, goes to our Non-Profit Organisation Griottes Polyglottes Scty to help others (Schools, immigrants or other Non-Profits organisations) access to our workshops.

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Why work with Griottes Polyglottes


We use improv to break cultural barriers and reduce silos by instilling Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion principles in your company so
every team member - no matter their background - feels seen, accepted, and valued.


We strive to create an immersive and transformative experience in our team-building workshops that improves team cohesion, increases collaboration, and boosts productivity within multi-culturally diverse teams. 


We reduce the impact of conflicts and increase trust by bringing your diverse team closer through role-playing which helps strengthen your company culture,  enhance your innovation, and raise your
employee retention.

Our improv programs and workshops for businesses

We offer different improv experiences and team-building workshops that fit any business size and budget.

Choose the experience that matches your needs:

Integration Workshop

Max. 15 people

60 minutes

In-person or Online

Starts at $1500 + GST

A fun and curated workshop to support your onboarding process to easily integrate new team members or a lunch-and-learn improv experience to help your company become more culturally sensitive and appreciative of diversity, equity and inclusion.


Team Building

Max. 20 people

3 hours


Starts at $5,500 + GST

A team-building workshop focused on creating a stronger bond between your team members and fostering a more positive and inclusive work environment by breaking cultural barriers and showcasing diverse backgrounds through storytelling and role-playing.


Cultural Diversity Series 

Max. 20 people

3 to 6 sessions (2 hours each)


Starts at $8000 + GST

A series of improv and role-playing workshops that explore the underlying issues stemming from unspoken conflicts, misunderstandings, and lack of trust and safety generated within culturally diverse teams and how to shift them into a nourishing and inviting environment.


What our corporate clients say about us

Stéphanie Wetterwald 

I highly recommend Ingrid's workshops. Her energy and skills make learning easy and enjoyable. No other services are comparable to hers in BC, especially for businesses. If you manage multicultural teams and want to promote collaboration, creativity, and engagement or desire to become a better employer, Ingrid is the right person for you.

Thomas Gélin

Ingrid's professionalism has been crucial to the success of AJEFCB's Legal Terminology Workshops. Her facilitation brings an unparalleled sense of humour to the participants. This has proven to be an essential skill in allowing them to break the fear of expressing themselves in French and learn new legal terms in a fun way.

About Griottes Polyglottes

Team building with a social impact through Improv and Theater games. 

Let's play with purpose!


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