Language Classes with Improv

Learn a new language with the power of improv

Say goodbye to dull classrooms only relying on your capacity to memorize new words and say hello to a fun and interactive way to learn and embody a new language!

Whether you want to improve your confidence by conducting daily conversations in a foreign language, be prepared for an audition or a job interview in a new territory, or desire to expand your vocabulary before your next trip to Paris,  look no further than Griottes Polyglottes - your language experts! 

We use a unique and proven approach to help adults learn French or English using improv, role-playing, and many curated games. 

Choose between our no-commitment drop-in classes, 90 days learners program, or weekend intensives, we have options for every goal or budget!

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What to expect with Griottes Polyglottes


We design our language learning classes with you in mind. Through improv and role-playing games, you are invited into a fun and safe environment to help you relax, get out of your head, and tap into your creativity, so you can let go of judgment and speak freely. 


We use improv and interactive games to help you learn faster by becoming more spontaneous. Embrace mistakes easily, appreciate your unique accent, and mingle with native speakers to improve your daily vocabulary, pronunciation, and expressions.


We intentionally build your confidence by inviting you to act in real-life situations, start conversations with strangers, and speak up. We help you get unstuck so you can go after that dream job, that movie audition, or travel solo to London or Paris.

Our language learning improv programs

Choose the French or English learning experience that fits your goals and budget. 

English Drop-In Classes 

Zero commitment and 100% fun!

If this is your first experience with improv, this is the right class for you. Get your ticket to our next drop-in English weekly classes happening on Tuesdays from 6:30 pm to 8pm in Vancouver. 

Location: 1555 W 7th Avenue

French Drop-In Classes
Zero commitment and 100% fun!

Intrigued about improv? If you are open to a different way of learning and practicing French,  join our weekly French drop-in classes happening in person every Tuesdays from 6 pm to 8pm in Vancouver. 

Location: 1555 W 7th Avenue

Weekend Intensive
1 weekend and 10x boost!

From job interviews, slang, comedy, to board games, we design unique events to get your creativity loose and your vocabulary flowing. Join our next weekend intensive.

90 days French program

3 months and 100% fun!

Join the next in-person cohort to improve your French, boost your confidence, and act in real-life situations in a fun and interactive format.

What our clients say about us

Emily Kerr

I would highly recommend Griottes Polyglottes for French language classes. I had an opportunity to take an online class with Ingrid, and I found that she teaches in a fun and practical format. If you are a professional, manager or newcomer who wants to speak English and French fluently, then look no further.

Lina Alvarez

I’ve been learning French for 15 years and always had trouble gaining confidence speaking it. Ingrid’s classes are super fun. She always adds new games that make the group feels like friends hanging out. My confidence increased to the point where I speak French easily during work meetings.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't feel comfortable with improv or role-playing, can I participate?

Yes, our improv activities and classes are really easy. They require ZERO improv experience. NADA! You will be in a safe environment with a small and supportive group.

What English or French level do I need to join the classes?

Our language learning sessions are for upper-beginner (A2) to intermediate (B2).

If you are unsure about your level, book a short assessment call with Ingrid here.

Will I have enough time to speak and practice during a drop-in session?

We keep our groups small between 5 to 10 people for drop-in classes so everyone has multiple opportunities to interact and practice.

If you want more sessions, thus more time to speak and practice, you can check our weekend intensives or our 3-month program.

Do you offer private 1-on-1 sessions?

Unfortunately, we do not offer private sessions. Our classes are made for groups to build new habits, improve your skills, and interact with other people in a safe and fun environment.

About Griottes Polyglottes

We are a Canadian improv training company that builds confidence through play with our proven and sought-after language learning classes, team-building workshops and training programs. 

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