French classes for Business

French classes to boost employees confidence

Do your employees need to have more confidence speaking French ? These sessions are for you.

In these sessions, your employees will learn French based on their area of expertise so they can thrive at their job !

It will become easier for them to interact customer and to deliver a better service.

Regular - 4 sessions / month

1 session of 1h30 / week

Very small group : Min 2 / Max 4 people

French level : beginner and +

Online or in person

Intensive - 8 sessions / month

2 sessions of 1h30 / week

Very small group : Min 2 / Max 4 people

French level : beginner and +

Online or in person


  • Gain confidence while speaking

  • Master vocabulary in their area of expertise

  • Small groups provide more opportunities to speak

  • Customized sessions based on the need of your employees

  • Using French language in context with fun role plays

  • Learning while having fun is more motivating

More information about these sessions

Each class will be fully focused and customized based on your work environment.

The course structure is created based on your specific needs.

In a very small group of 4 people (max), participants will have more opportunity to practice which will allow each member of your team to overcome their personal roadblocks.

With these sessions your employees will

  • Master the French vocabulary for their work environment

  • Overcome fear of speaking French in front of / with colleagues and clients

  • Improve communication and relationship building when speaking French with customers and partners

Two options available

Regular classes help your employees progress at their own pace, according to their work schedule.

The goal is to keep practicing with a steady rhythm.

Intensive classes help your employees to progress faster with the specific vocabulary they need to perform well in their role.

The goal is to see fast progress and become proficient faster.


Together (you and your team), we will decide the best day and time to schedule the sessions.