Team building

Team Building for a more inclusive team

Bring your team members from different cultures together, whatever their backgrounds are.
In this team building workshop we focus on bringing
more collaboration, more productivity and employee retention by

  • Breaking the cultural and language barriers

  • Raising awareness about inclusion

  • Bonding on topic that matter

  • Dealing with inclusion with fun and engaging activities

Team Building for a year-end gathering

Our team building workshops are also perfect for an end of the year (or beginning of the year) gathering to :

  • Thanks your team for all the work they did during the year

  • Bring more cohesion and support among team members

  • Create a tons of fun memories to increase your company culture

Team building - 2h session

Group of 20 max

In person or Online

Physical Activity Intensity : Low

Team building - 3h session

Group of 30 max

In person

Physical Activity Intensity : Low


  • Customized sessions for your business needs

  • Break cultural barriers

  • Bond your team together through fun role plays

  • The team get to know each other better

More details about those packages

How many times your employees felt speechless in front of a customer, or felt out of a conversation because they couldn’t find their vocabulary in French ?

This team building session will allow your employees to Interact in French between colleagues and build their confidence using the vocabulary of your domain of expertise.

They will have fun doing role playing, tighten team bounds and create amazing memories!

Customized to the vocabulary needed for the work

In this session we focus on the vocabulary needed in their day to day job, that way we make sure of the value of those sessions for your employees and the company.

Increase in confidence level

Team building increases employees personal confidence and also confidence in their colleague’s abilities. An increase in confidence will give your workforce the inner courage to express (themselves in French among each other) new ideas and depend on others within the group to be able to complete tasks that are necessary to make a company successful.

Lots of fun!

Creating a fun environment between colleagues and teammates can help productivity of your employees. Team building is a whole lot of fun and it is a great way for staff to see another side of their colleagues that they may not normally see at work.