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To spread the power of improvisation and play to transform the way immigrants and businesses work and collaborate together.

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Curated workshops and corporate training programs for culturally diverse teams to instill Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion principles, improve team cohesion, and foster a positive culture.


In-person and virtual French and English language classes and workshops to strengthen community ties and accelerate the integration of newcomers, refugees, and immigrants across British Columbia.


Drop-in improv classes, weekend intensives, FLE or ESL programs to help individuals expand their vocabulary, practice their everyday conversations, and confidently express their brilliance.

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Learn and play in a judgment-free environment that fosters positive feedback and interactions. 


Become a better team player, listener, and show your playful side while deepening new connections.


Discover the power of improv & role-playing in shaping your self-esteem and boosting your confidence.

Hi! I am Ingrid!

I play with purpose.

I am an energetic Guadeloupean who landed in Vancouver in 2017 intending to transform how language education is taught.  

Traditional language classes are focused on memorizing and repeating words and expressions. For me, I am positive that we learn best through experiences. Languages evoke so much beauty, depth, culture and history, so why not combine our memory capacity with our creative minds, body movement, voice, and posture to embody the new language we are learning?

With a background as an actress back in France, I developed a creative and fun methodology to help newcomers, immigrants, and culturally diverse teams overcome shyness, boost confidence, increase a sense of belonging, and quickly learn a new language through role-playing and improvisation. I also work closely with schools to highlight serious topics like fighting against racism, injustice, and exclusion.

If you are like me and truly believe that learning can be fun, impactful, and transformative, send me a note and let's explore creative ways to work together.

Ingrid Broussillon

Founder and CEO, Griottes Polyglottes

What others say about us

Vanessa Lesperance, MA, GDBA 

Ingrid is awesome. She creates an inviting environment to learn and play. Her French workshop classes are fun, engaging and educational. I highly recommend her if you want to learn French, do team or community-building, or offer your employees/clients/members a unique program

Érika Tavernari

I worked with Ingrid on four different occasions and every time I was impressed with her ability to deal with children and adults of all ages. This skill is rare among professionals I've worked with, but it comes naturally to her. I highly recommend her services and workshops! 

Florence Sufen Kao, CCDP

Ingrid's language classes are for intermediate and advanced-level learners. The sessions focus on expressions, idioms, and daily activities in English or French with a touch of fun. We learn while making new friends and expressing ourselves via acting/impro after the long pandemic years.

About Griottes Polyglottes

We are a Canadian improv training company that builds confidence through play with our proven and sought-after language learning classes, team-building workshops and training programs. 

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