Team building

Team-building activities are well-known for increasing collaboration, productivity and employee retention.

Our differential at Griottes Polyglottes is helping multicultural businesses to strengthen their company culture and make any team member whatever their background is, feel seen, accepted and valued.

After our workshop your team will never be the same, and you will notice it.

For a more inclusive team😎

Our team-building workshops bring your team members from different cultures together to

  • Break cultural and language barriers

  • Raise awareness about inclusion

  • Bond on topic that matter

  • Deal with inclusion through fun and engaging activities

For a more cohesive team 🥳

Our team-building workshops are also perfect for an end of the year (or beginning of the year) gathering to :

  • Thank your team for all their hard work

  • Build cohesion and support among team members

  • Create fun memories to improve team morale and your company culture

Team building - 2h session

Group of 20 max

In person or Online

Physical Activity Intensity : Low

Price: $850 + GST

Team building - 3h session

Group of 30 max
In-person in your venue or in a theater

Physical Activity Intensity : Low
Price: $1 200

Really grateful for these testimonials

Ingrid is awesome. She creates an inviting environment to connect and play. Her team building workshop are fun, engaging and great way for employee to truly bond. If you want to have a creative and original team building, or offer a unique program to your employees/clients/community...

I highly recommend!

Ingrid's professionalism has been key to the success of the AJEFCB's Legal Terminology Workshops. Her facilitation brings an unparalleled sense of humour to the participants. This has proven to be an essential asset in allowing them to not only break the fear of expressing themselves in French, but also to learn new legal terms in a fun way. In addition, Ingrid is very adaptable, which is invaluable to our organization.

Overall, we are very pleased with the consistent quality of her work.