Improv to Improve your French

Weekend Intensives

Sessions take place in Vancouver, on Saturdays or Sundays.

Our next session is the special dating for Valentine's 💘 days is on Feb 5.

💓Dating 💓

Feb 5 - from 2pm to 4:30pm

Do you want to learn those romantic sentences that melt hearts?

French is known as the most romantic language, the language of looooove.

In this workshop we will go over the beautiful love sentences you can say to capture the loved one to be. You will use them in context and be ready to impress on your date!

Vocabulary &
Common Expressions

Coming soon

Are you tired of using the same words in French? Would you like more colors in your speaking?

In this 2-day workshop, you will add more variety in your vocabulary, use French idioms and common expressions that will make you sound more authentic.

Get ready to color your French!

Common Errors

Coming soon

Making the same mistakes over and over? Let's smash them for good!

Are you confused about the proper word to use in a particular situation? Should you use "savoir" or "connaître"? "avoir" or "être"?

In this workshop you will focus on the common mistakes and get some techniques to erase them for ever.


Coming soon

Need to optimize your chances to get THAT bilingual job that you always dreamed of ?

Reenact job interviews and practice the most common questions.
You will learn how to introduce yourself and convince that you are the ONE for the job.

Be ready to crush that job interview!


Can't get your tongue around some pronunciations?

It can save you from embarrassing situations like "beaucoup = a lot" and "beau cul = beautiful ass".

In this workshop you will learn how to pronounce those difficult words that require specific movements and positions for your mouth and tongue.

Slang & Cursing

In school you learn formal French that makes it difficult to communicate with people.

Do you want to speak more casually and be aware of cursing words?

In this workshop you will learn more casual French as well as be able to speak and understand slang and curse words.

French Humor & Comedy

Are you the only one who doesn't laugh at jokes in shows? Or the one who would just avoid comedy shows?

Jokes in comedies are often linked to the culture of the country, therefore it's normal if you don't understand them.

In this workshop we will go over the most famous French comedians and their jokes.

Board Games

What a fun way to learn a language as a group of friends or through a family activity.

Board games are fully immersive experiences that activate your brain and your focus differently.

This session will help you improve your French vocabulary and expressions and it's a perfect activity to generate family bounding.

My Method?

7 steps to improve your confidence

  1. Realize that you know more than you think

  2. Embrace mistakes

  3. Get out of your head

  4. Let go of judgment from others

  5. Speak up as yourself

  6. Act real life situations

  7. Shine into the spotlight


Classes are run through

  • Easy fun, improv, acting games: speak freely, no fear of mistakes

  • Fun role plays: gain confidence

  • Creative games: use your imagination

  • The sessions are customized to match the needs of the group


In person

  • 3 hours / session

  • Saturday and Sunday (Total 6 hours)

  • Board Game sessions - On Demand


La Maison de la Francophonie

An immersive experience to boost your confidence in French

These classes are for you if you...

  • Are afraid of making mistakes

  • Scared to start a conversation

  • Feel stuck in French

  • Want to let go of judgments

  • Want to improve through real life situations

  • Don't want academic classes

  • Want fun and interactive classes

By the end of these 2 months, you will...

  • Increase your confidence in speaking

  • Be able to speak more freely

  • Boost your vocabulary

  • Learn day to day expressions

  • Improve your pronunciation

  • Love improv

  • Have buddies to speak French with

Frequently asked questions

I don't feel comfortable in improv, can I participate?

Yes, our improv activities are really easy and you will be in a safe environment with a small, supportive group.

What should be my level in French?

Our session are for upper-beginner and intermediate.

Not sure about your level, book a level assessment with me by zoom : Choose date for a 15 min chat

How many people per group?

We keep our group very small, compared to other language groups. Min 4 people and max 8 people.

How to pay?

You can pay through e-transfer at or by credit card.

We offer installments in 2 or 3 time payements.

Can I change my mind, even if I have paid already?

Keep your peace of mind, our money-back guarantee policy is there for you.

If you change your mind after the 2nd session you will get reimbursed minus the price of the sessions that have been used and a small admin fee.

Are there online sessions?

There are online sessions for the French classes. More details here.

Are there one-on-one sessions?

Unfortunately we do not offer sessions in private. Our sessions are made for groups, to build your habit to interact with other people in French. And it's sooo much fun when we are together :)

Is there a place to park?

Yes, there is underground free parkade starting at 5 pm.

Otherwise you can park in the street and use the "pay by phone" apps to pay. Limited to 2 hours.