Improv to improve your English

Continuous program

New series starting in January 2023

Come and improve your English

In-person sessions in Vancouver

Registration closed for 2022

Next group starting January 2023

Max 8 people - Adults only

Book now, or contact me if you have questions:

Phone: 778 791 0600

An immersive experience to boost your confidence in English

These classes are for you if you...

  • Are afraid of making mistakes

  • Scared to start a conversation

  • Feel stuck in English

  • Want to let go of judgments

  • Want to improve through real life situations

  • Don't want academic classes

  • Want fun and interactive classes

By the end of these 3 months, you will...

  • Increase your confidence in speaking

  • Be able to speak more freely

  • Boost your vocabulary

  • Learn day to day expressions

  • Improve your pronunciation

  • Love improv

  • Have buddies to speak English with

Choose your payment method and get started

We offer easy payment options, to ease your budget...

And an "I change my mind" policy!

Interac payment

If you prefer you can pay by etransfer to

Pay Once

$797 CAD for 3 months

Total once = $836.85 (5% GST included)

(save 64$)

If you change your mind after the 2nd session, you will get reimbursed $600.

Pay Monthly

$287 CAD per month

Monthly = $301,35 (5% GST included)

Change your mind after the 1st month? Cancel 1 week before the 2nd month.

!!!! Safety !!!! Vaccine passport mandatory / No physical touch / Very small group / Mask optional / Hands sanitizer available

More details about the sessions

My Method?

7 steps to improve your confidence

  1. Realize that you know more than you think

  2. Embrace mistakes

  3. Get out of your head

  4. Let go of judgment from others

  5. Speak up as yourself

  6. Act real life situations

  7. Shine into the spotlight


I offer English classes through

  • Easy fun, improv, acting games: speak freely, no fear of mistakes

  • Fun role plays: gain confidence

  • Creative games: use your imagination

  • The sessions are customized to match the needs of the group


In person

  • Every Tuesday from 4 to 6pm

  • 2 hours / session


La Maison de la Francophonie

Frequently asked questions

I don't feel comfortable in improv, can I participate?

Yes, our improv activities are really easy and you will be in a safe environment with a small and supportive group.

What should be my level in English?

Our session are for upper-beginner and intermediate.

Not sure about your level, book a level assessment with me by zoom : Choose date for a 30 min chat

How many people per group?

We keep our group very small, compared to other language groups. Min 4 people and max 8 people.

How to pay?

You can pay through e-transfer at or by credit card.

We offer installments in 2 or 3 months payements.

Can I change my mind, even if I have paid already?

Keep your peace of mind, our money-back guarantee policy is there for you.

If paid once:
You can change your mind after the 2nd session then you will get reimbursed minus the price of the sessions that have been used and an admin fee.

If you are paying monthly:
You can change your mind after the 1st month. Let me know before the 1st week of the 2nd month, then I will cancel your payement.

Are there online sessions?

There are not online sessions for the English classes.

Are there one-on-one sessions?

Unfortunately we do not offer sessions in private. Our sessions are made for groups, to build your habit to interact with other people in English.

Is there a place to park?

Yes, there is underground parkade. Otherwise you can park in the street and use the "pay by phone" apps to pay.

I have more questions, how can I do?

I would be more than happy to have a chat with you. Please book an appointment with me directly, using Calendly.
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